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fairy, water fairy, cloth, art, doll, art doll, hand-crafted, original
cloth, mixed media
Handcrafted, cloth , art doll, fairy, faery, doll, art
handcrafted, cloth, mixed media

Murmuring mountain creek dappled with sunshine under a canopy of trees, this is Brooke’s home where she rides trout among the rapids, suns on a rock in the middle of the creek, mischievously splashes the animals that come to drink and sleeps on the soft moss along its bank.

Brooke is an original, hand-made cloth doll. Her skin is hand-dyed cotton; her hair is yarn; her features are hand-painted. Her wings are made by layering thread between organza and overstitching on the sewing machine. Her wings and fingers are wired so they can be posed. Her joints are wooden beads painted to match the fabric. She's adorned with fresh-water pearls.